Project Alecto


Project Alecto aims for a free, correct default password database.
Alot websites do provide such lists but either they are partly not correct,
copied from another source or use a SQL backend without providing a database dump.


Project Alecto uses purified databases of Phenoelit and CIRT which where merged and enhanced.
Databse dumps get provided in the CSV format making it easy to integrate it into any other application.


As our goals point out we dislike false informations. But we also like correct vendor names. Vendor names get written differently in different password lists making it hard to handle it for scripts. Examples are: CISCO, Cisco or cisco or DLink, D-Link or dlink. We simply choose the official company name. Also it is known that other databases include wrong Vendor/Product combinations or keep old company names.


Please do report new or incorrect data thus we all do profit from a better quality. Hardcoded usernames or
maximal password lenght or known issues about reduced complexity (like no special charackters allowed) are WELCOME TOO!

Please send us a e-Mail to add new entries until we had time to write some CGIs to handle this.
Also please provide informations in the way it is listed in the CSV file.

Corrections of any kind or additional informations for existing entries are WELCOME too!
We update the list and put it online as things changes and do not hold back submissions.

e-Mail: alecto [\at\] helith [\dot\] net


Project started, cleaning up the DB step by step


Date: Sat Aug 8 18:55:15 CEST 2009
Compression: gzip
Link: Click here